Discover the magic of a Scottish Christmas.

We've hand picked some of our favourite local makers, designers and destinations for our 'Best of Scotland' Gift Guide.

vegan wallets


Inspired by origami, PAPAU card wallets are made in the UK using Cordoba paper; a durable, tear-resistant and sustainable alternative to leather.

The stitchless construction creates a slim wallet that is as light in your pocket as it is on the environment.

Each vegan-friendly wallet ages like leather, developing a beautiful patina over time.



LAW design studio

LAW design studio is a conscious clothing brand designed and made in Glasgow. Emphasising inclusive sizing and 'made for you' fits, the brand uses expert skills and manufacturing from sustainably sourced materials to create timeless comfortable clothing for everyone.

We recently collaborated with LAW on a limited edition over the shoulder bag made from linen. Perfect for all of your must-haves.


hot sauce makers

trodden black

Trodden Black is an award-winning hot sauce company, with some of the most delicious flavours on the block. From buckfast to bloody-mary, each bottle tells a story of unique flavour ingenuity.

Kit and Rosie, the duo behind the magic of Trodden Black came up with the idea during their travels around the world and draw inspiration from the spices and flavours of South East Asia.

And when she's not making hot sauce, Rosie is one of our exquisitely talented machinists here at Trakke!



DCM garments

DCM Garments is a small independent and sustainable clothing brand. With a strong focus on slow fashion, DCM creates modern and timeless garments through the repurposing of
vintage and unique textiles.

Blending modern designs and silhouettes with classic tailoring, the pieces are inspired by modern and vintage style from around the world. Each piece from DCM Garments is one of a kind, and lovingly crafted with care and precision.

Devin, the man behind DCM garments doesn't just make clothes - he also makes bags here at Trakke!



Mandy Maria

Mandy grew up in Aberdeenshire, in the North East of Scotland, and the wilderness of her surroundings has continuously inspires her work.

Working fast and intuitively, colour is often the starting point of Mandy’s creative process, making it the perfect place to explore her newfound fascination with soft pastels. “Drawing with pure pigment is exciting! I’m passionate about creating my own pigments with minerals from my sketching trips – drawing mountains with the mountains.”



finnieston clothing

Finnieston clothing aim to create sustainable, hardwearing clothing that is stylish and versatile.

Their goal is to use the profits from their business to help the broader community around them. Leading by example, to be as sustainable as possible, taking care of their staff and their community, and giving back to society and the planet.

Profits from each of their collections go towards promoting and aiding mental, physical, and environmental health in Scotland and beyond.




Based in Scotland, Ploterre is the moniker of Rebecca Kaye who creates artwork from data that describes the natural world.

From prints to cushions, every piece tells a story that began from stepping outside and being curious. Armed with data in place of a map, these handcrafted pieces aim to explore everything from determining the most prominent bird colours flying into our garden to seeking patterns in the magnetic activity of the northern lights.



scottish getaways

glen dye cabins

Glen Dye is a private estate of around 15,000 acres and their design-led cabins and cottages sit slap bang at its centre, surrounded by wilderness, forest and moorland on the banks of the River Dye.

There's something at Glen Dye for everyone. Miles of dense forest and moody moorland, onsite experiences including community cinema and woodland sauna and a range of expert-led masterclasses including flower arranging and private whisky tastings.



Rory Kennedy

Rory Kennedy is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Inspired by architecture from traditional tenement flats to pubs and bothys in the Highlands. Rory aims to capture that moment where the light changes at twilight, transforming everyday objects into bold, shadow casting, high contrast moments of nostalgic joy.

A graphic designer, turned artist, his style combines bold shapes, sweeping shadows, high contrast, and minimalistic colour palettes.



hilary grant

Hilary Grant is one of Scotland's finest textile design studios, based on the Northerly Scottish islands of Orkney.

They specialise in original knitted pattern. All their textiles are made from luxury grade, cruelty-free 100% lambswool.


paper artist

laura k sayers

Laura works as an illustrator and a paper artist from her little studio in The Briggait in the middle of Glasgow.

She spends most of her days carefully crafting images in her intricate paper cut style for books, stationery and any interesting visual projects that come along her way alongside her collection of cards, prints, paper goods and original artworks which you can find on my online shop.

She is a big fan of bright colours, bold shapes, and tiny details, often making her pieces on a novelty miniature scale.



kingdom scotland

Kingdom Scotland is a timeless realm, creatively explored in scent. Our luxury perfumes celebrate the drama and beauty of the natural world. Each tells a compelling story of Scotland in scent.

Expertly crafted using the finest sustainable and ethical ingredients. Their unisex, complex fragrances are handcrafted, matured and bottled in Scotland. This is Scotland's first fragrance house.

UK shipping only.


coffee, food & drink


Papercup is a cafe and coffee roastery based in Glasgow, and are our friendly neighbours at Trakke HQ!  

Papercup take pride in ethical and environmental practices, ensuring their coffee beans and products meet the highest standards. Their West End cafe serves some of the most delicious brunches in Glasgow's West End, and their coffee roastery houses a team of passionate experts crafting the finest brews.

And since their roastery is next door, we find ourselves regularly sipping their coffee - everyday, in fact!