Challenge Sailcloth

ECOPAK™ is the world’s only durable and waterproof fabric made from 100% recycled polyester fiber and film. Each yard upcycles about 20 plastic water bottles into durable technical textiles.

We've been working directly with Challenge Sailcloth on Ultra200XBlaze, a unique laminate construction, developed in collaboration with Trakke & Carryology for The Muir Project.


Black Ultraweave200 – Woven blend of 200d Ultrayarn and high-tenacity polyester.

0.5 mil Challenge RUVfilm– Recycled PET film with UV conditioning

Blue 45oCrossPlyRecycled 500d polyester yarn

Blaze Orange 200d Backing –Recycled 200d polyester (Repreve Brand).

This fabric is about 60% recycled content.  Recycles about 20 plastic bottles per yard.

60% recycled polyester by weight. It's estimated that every yard of Ultra200XBlaze recycles about 20 plastic bottles.

Fabric Performance of standard Ultra 200:
1. Tear Strength – ATSM D2261
a. Warp: 103.1 lb, Fill 133.2 lb
2. Abrasion – ATSM 3884
a. 4,400 Cycles
3. Waterproof
a. 200+ PSI, 13.8+ Ba

EPX200 Bright Orange

C0 DWR Coating- (Free from fluorocarbons, PFCs, PFAS)

Blaze Orange 200d Face– Recycled 200d polyester (Repreve Brand).

Blue 45oCrossPlyRecycled 500d polyester yarn

Silver 70d Ripstop Backing –Recycled 70d polyester ripstop

This fabric is 100% recycled content. Recycled about 20 plastic bottles per yard.

Based on 35 years of weaving, coating and laminating experience, Challenge’s ECOPAK™ fabric lasts longer, absorbs 80% less moisture, and has better UV resistance and color retention than traditional laminated nylon. Just like our sailcloth that has been tested around the world, ECOPAK™ performs in the harshest conditions.

Challenge ULTRA™ is the highest performing line of UHMWPE composite fabric in the world.

UHMWPE (non-branded Dyneema® or Spectra®), gram-for-gram, is 15x stronger than steel. UHMWPE is naturally UV and water-resistant while being incredibly lightweight. Our woven ULTRA™ line ranging from 100d to 800d represents the new standard in lightweight and durability.


Developed by Challenge Sailcloth for The Muir Project