Fidlock take the best features of mechanical locks and combine them with magnetic force, revolutionizing fasteners. Perfectly balanced magnets guide our fastening components which lets them close automatically with an audible click – the mechanical engagement keeps them securely locked.

On top of that, you can quickly open them with only one hand with simple movements such as rotating, sliding or tilting. This reverses the polarity of the magnets and guarantees for an easy, quick release. And the overall result for your product? Secure fastening with a unique combination of function, fun and comfort.


male S screw low & female S screw low

F5010-000002(BLK) & 05100-000002(BLK)

Opening mechanisms - slide

Weight 2 g

Dimensions 18,7 mm; 9,2 mm & 32,7mm; min. 9,5 mm

Material PA66GF15

For material thickness 0,5 - 1,5 mm

Static breaking load 20 N

Static breaking load 2 kg

Colour - black




Opening mechanisms - lift

Weight - 7 g

Dimensions (L x W x H) - 31,0 x 31,0 x 8,9 mm

Material PA6

Colour black