Our Customer Stories Project represents a year long journey, delving into the lives of individuals who choose Trakke as their everyday companions. Through their careers, adventures and everyday routines Trakke always has their back.

To make our Customer Stories Project a reality we enlisted the help of world-renowned photographer and friend of Trakke, Dan Rubin. He travelled the length and breadth of the country meeting the inspiring individuals who bring Trakke to life.

We often say people make Trakke. These are the people who use our bags and love our bags.

This is their story...


Dan Rubin

Meet Dan, a visual story-teller who captures moments and people through his camera lens.

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Mandy Maria

Mandy is an artist and creative, her Glasgow based studio is her haven for artistic and design exploration.

Mark Shayler

Mark is a public-speaker and author who works to inspire environmental and social change.

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Ashley Baxter

Ashley is on a mission to empower freelancers and build more supportive communities of creatives.

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Thomas Mathie

Thomas enjoys travelling, getting out of his comfort zone and runs an indy record label 'We Are All Ghosts'.

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James Woodgate

Jame is an Olympic archer and was the youngest member of the GB squad at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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Archie Winnington-Ingram

Archie contributes to his local community through his work as a church pastor in Edinburgh.

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Jody Williamson

Jody is a drinks industry expert whose passion is exploring the world with his young family.

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Michael Rowley

Michael is an editor who specialises in science-fiction, fantasy and horror novels.

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Peter Bampton

Peter works with HIV/AIDS-affected individuals and volunteers to support the LGBTQ+ community.

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Alexandra Cleator

Alex, a London based design researcher, finds her solace as an avid outdoor swimmer.

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"Knowing we have a world-class maker of bags within 20 miles of my house is just phenomenal."

Thomas Mathie

I use my Sling bag for everything. It's been everywhere with me from going out for drinks or touring the family around London all the way to hiking in Wales

Alex Cleator

"To back a company that literally has your back, who will repair the bag until it's finished... that's very special"

Mark Shayler


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